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Learn about Manual Therapy our Family Physical Therapy Clinic

Manual Therapy

Joint mobilization and myofascial treatment techniques for low back pain, headaches, frozen shoulder and knee pain improve tissue health and restore movement.

Therapeutic exercise in Savage, MN, to restore you to normal healthy functioning

Therapeutic Exercise

Customized strengthening exercise programs add stability and restore you to normal function.

Therapeutic exercise basically involves movement intended to correct impairments, restore muscular and skeletal function and/or maintain a person’s overall state of well-being. Therapeutic exercise involves numerous benefits for the restoration of function, quality of life, and overall health. It can help restore strength, flexibility, and balance, and can also improve mood and reduce stress.

Sports Rehab

Maximize your movement potential to prevent injury or return to sport.

Physical therapy focuses more on restoring or improving a patient’s physical function and mobility for playing sports. Sports therapy is centers on improving athletic performance and preventing injuries that occur throughout the course of training and during active play.

Physical therapy for sports rehabilitation: restoring or improving a patient's physical functioning

Let’s work together to improve your overall health and daily functioning.